Your Moving On The Break Up Is Over

May 14, 2009

Sometimes moving on (break up, loss or other major change) is difficult. It’s rarely easy unless you’re so glad to get out of a situation that you can’t wait to make changes and move on. A break up can disrupt your everyday life. You may see things in your daily routine that remind you of that other person. If you shared friends, then even going out can be a hard situation.

One of the biggest hurdles you have to face when you’re ready to move on is your family and friends. If your ex was popular with your family, you may get tired of the questions about the break up. You must explain to them that you’re moving on, break up is over, and that you don’t appreciate constantly being reminded of your ex and the past relationship.

Sometimes this is difficult for family to deal with. They want to keep bringing up the person in the hopes that you’ll get back together. You can just explain, “Moving on, break up is over, that’s that.” If they love you, they will respect your decision. Just keep your answers short towards them and they will realize this was in your best interest. It’s probably going to be harder to deal with when it comes to your friends.

If you didn’t have many mutual friends, then it should be less of a problem. But if the two of you often hung out with the same group of people, then you being alone without your ex may seem weird for a while. And then there’s the problem of your ex wanting to hang out with the friends, too. You might even run into each other as you each attempt to hang out with your mutual friends. This doesn’t mean that it’s necessary when you’re moving on break up with your friends. Just realize that the dynamic has changed and you may be more distant from some of these people.

As difficult as it seems, when you say, “Moving on, break up is history,” you may have to give up some of those friendships. You and your ex may each have to keep in touch with only certain friends in your group of mutual friends. Just try to maintain good contact and relationships with those you’re closest to and allow your ex to do the same with the others. Don’t make you friends choose sides, this is a process and your friends and you will naturally gravitate towards each person. No reason to cause extra stress on you or your friends during this process.

Sometimes the “moving on break up” period is just too difficult when you’re surrounded by mutual friends and so many places to go together. If possible go on a vacation for a while with different friends to get away from the break up for a while. Or reconnect with old friends that are outside of this group. This can help you get some perspective. Once you’ve declared, “moving on; break up over” then if you can take some time away it can help you a great deal.

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