Win Ex Back Without Playing Head Games

February 13, 2010

For those who have been dumped, you will find numerous theories about how to win her back. A lot of them entail playing head games with your ex. However, if you mess with her head in order to win her back, you are on an unstable foundation for moving forward in the relationship when things are patched up. This short article is the no-games way to win ex back.

At the time you were going out, she would text you 2 dozen times a day. Now your telephone is silent. Whilst you do not want to overdo it, getting in touch with her once a week or so simply to “keep in touch” keeps the door open for getting back together.

To this effect, make certain you contact her on significant days like her birthday. Mailing a card or a small gift would not hurt either when you are trying to win ex back.

Stay in touch by email. When there is a news story she might appreciate – whether it is about poverty in Africa or a profile of Shane West – send it to her with a nice (short) note. You can even commence a e-mail list where you send out information, jokes, or personal updates to a group of friends and make sure that she’s on the responder list.

Additionally you must choose if you would like to date other girls in the period of time when you’re wanting to win ex back. If you’re really serious that you are going to win ex back, you should not date other girls. For anyone who is even contemplating getting back together, do not sleep with another woman. This goes against some dating advice that says you should date around to make your ex jealous. But playing games like this will not serve you well when you do get back together.

Please do not get jealous if she dates other guys though. She called it off, keep in mind, so she is not being unfaithful when she sees other men. You should use the knowledge about what she actively seeks in a man when you analyze the level of men she’s dating.

For example, if she broke things off with you because you had become too complacent in the relationship, she might be seeking men who sweep her off her feet. In the event you were the beer and football type and she’s now dating artists and poets, you might need to build up a far more sensitive side so that you can win ex back.

When you assess and analyze the woman who broke up with you, it will be possible to discover just what exactly your sweetheart genuinely wants in a man. Don’t forget, that now that you’re no more a couple, there are layers being built up between both of you. In some ways, this really can make it simpler to work out exactly what she needs from a man because your own emotions, feelings, and needs are less in play. Read into the things she says and the things she does not say. Take a look at her actions also.

Hold your own cards near to your chest. The power in your relationship has altered. If you spill out your deepest inner thoughts to your ex, you give her too much power. If you ever say to her that she is the one person who you need in your life, she suddenly can dictate the future. If you hold your own cards close to your chest, you maintain your own personal power which is essential for restoration of the relationship after you win ex back.

In the period when you are broken up, improve yourself. You should hit the gym regularly so you look great. Go for a hair cut too and perhaps consider a new style. Additionally, work on your mind as well as your body. By spending time on personal development, you become more desirable to your ex.

The bottom line is that you can attempt to get your ex back by playing games or you can try to correct the issues that your relationship had. When you work on the difficulties, you develop a far more firm base for the future when you have already accomplished win ex back.


Here is how to correct the problems the relationship had…



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