Win Back Your Ex With the Right Tips and Techniques

January 23, 2017

how to get your ex girlfriend back

If you want to win back your ex after a breakup then you’re probably willing to go to all lengths to make things right. However, you should realise that chasing them is not a good idea, so stop calling them, emailing them and stalking them. Try to stay calm, and follow these techniques.

Working on Your Feelings

It’s important to work on yourself, rather than trying to always be in contact with your ex. You need to work on feeling better about yourself and turning those negative emotions into positive ones. A great way to do this is to write out a long letter to your ex with all of your feelings in the open. But once you’ve finished do NOT send it to them. Burn it, and this can give you some closure on your feelings.

Don’t think badly about your ex or let your friends do the same in front of you. Try to look at this as a positive change in your life.

Work On Your Strengths

Now it’s time to look at what you’re good at. Do some things for yourself, get better at these things and you’ll make yourself even more desirable as a way to win back your ex. You can also start to work on your weaknesses.

What to Do Next

Even though you’re not chasing your ex, do be available when they ask you on a date or to talk. That said, you may even want to spend time and go on dates with other people as a way of truly making this positive change.

After all this, if your ex wants you back then you will win back your ex. It takes patience, and you should start by loving yourself.

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