How to mend a broken heart

December 6, 2014


If you want to know “how to get over someone I love” and mend your broken heart, you must realize that none of the answers are easy ones.

No matter how ready you might think you are to move on and get over that person, that you have to ask how to do it at all shows that it’s going to be a painful process.


For most people healing the broken heart is a slow process  too. You might think you’re over someone and a year or two later be reminded of that person and feel all the pain and sadness again.


That doesn’t mean it will be impossible to move on, though.

If you’ve had a lot emotionally invested into a relationship and it ends, it’s natural that will hurt for a long while. But that doesn’t mean the sadness has to be paralyzing or has to throw you into a depression.


By getting over the person, you will be able to accept that losing them made you sad, but look back on it as you would any sad loss.

Each day will get a little easier as you adjust to your new life. Surround yourself with your friends and re-connect with old ones that you may have not had time to spend with during your ex-relationship.

If the break-up is new, often the only way to deal with it is just to face the pain and ride it out. It’s going to hurt, but there are some things you can do to lessen the pain.

You can remove obvious visual reminders of the person, if possible. Get rid of photographs and gifts they gave you. Cleanse your surroundings and maybe even give yourself a new start by working out more or getting a new hair style. You can even avoid the places you used to go together for a while.

Those things have helped me over a break-up or two.

If you’re really having trouble living your life after the break-up, you are going to need some expert help.

You’ve just been through a painful break-up and you want to know how to get over someone you love.

Your friends and family might feel they know your situation too well. Be careful when taking advice from friends or family. They may have different motives for telling you to move on and forget about that person. For example, even if he was a great guy or she was a wonderful girl, they simply may not have liked your ex for some silly reason and secretly they are pleased you broke up.

Also, with the right help from an independent expert source, you can safely work through issues with the relationship that you would not want friends or family to know.

A lot of people looking for ways of healing a broken heart resort to “self help” books but often this does not work because by telling you to “act confident” they are not dealing with the real underlying problems such as deep down you  still feel fragile and insecure and maybe even unworthy of love.

Because of that your true self will eventually show and sabotage your efforts to fix your broken heart.

To truly feel worthy on every level and ready to move on with your life, you need to change from within.

When you feel good about yourself naturally, you are more attractive. If you really believe on a deep level that you deserve real love, you will attract new, wonderful relationships into your life.

The “Break Me Free System” is the Most powerful and effective way to get over your breakup and become a new, confident you.



you will move on very fast, leaving the pain and suffering behind almost immediately!



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