How to get your ex boyfriend back

December 6, 2014

Tips on How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back



The breakup is a fact but you know one thing for certain – you want him back. Wondering how to win back your ex boyfriend? I’ve been there and I know how much hurt, confusion and loneliness this kind of situation can bring.

I was devastated, sad and lonely. I spend hours under the covers, pitying myself and crying myself to sleep. How do I get him back? These thoughts kept on running through my head and I knew one thing for certain – I needed to do something about it.

Are you dealing with the same situation? The first thing you need to do is give yourself some time before you start planning how to get your ex boyfriend back. Once the initial period of confusion is over and you know that he’s the one for sure, you’ll have to start acting.


Give Yourself Some Time
Relationships are challenging and breakups happen to be emotionally-draining, regardless of who initiated the end. This course of events will leave you feeling empty and sad. Give yourself some time before coming up with major decisions for the future.


How to get your ex boyfriend back fast when he broke up with you
Before you think about how to pull your ex back, make sure that you really want to go through the process. Do you want your ex back because you really love him or are you simply scared of being alone? The right motivation is the key to finding relationship happiness. Sometimes, we all commit mistakes and we acknowledge our feelings after a relationship is over. If this is the case, you should do your best and think about the best way to get your ex boyfriend back.


Build Your Confidence
Build your confidence before initiating contact with him. Otherwise, you risk looking desperate. Begging him to come back is the strategy that will usually fail producing the desired results.

Learn to be happy on your own before inviting him back in your life. Men love confident women who know what they want and how to get it. Make him fall in love with you once again. Rediscovering those old feelings and bringing the spark back will give you the relationship that you’ve been hoping for.

Think about the ways to boost your confidence. Start practicing a favorite sport. Go out with friends more and flirt in social situations. An innocent flirt will show you that you still have it and that you still know how to entice men.


When is It Time to Initiate Contact?
I still think about getting back with him. I’m still not over him. I want him back and really miss him. I experienced these feelings months after the breakup and I started thinking about the right time to initiate contact.

There’s no universal rule about when it’s a good idea to call him or send him an email. The only thing to remember is to avoid contacting him immediately after the breakup. Both of you need some time to think things through. Making a hasty, emotional decision is a recipe for a disaster in the future.

Wait enough time and make sure that you feel confident and ready to talk to him. If you’re even slightly uncertain about it, you should wait until you get some clarity.

how to get your ex boyfriend back

Forgive Each Other for the Mistakes Made
You can expect a fresh start if you can’t forgive each other for the mistakes committed during the course of your relationships. If you want to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back and how to accomplish that goal fast, you’ll need to acknowledge those errors and think of the best ways to move on.

I want him back really badly. What should I say to my ex and how can I start talking to him again? That’s what a friend of mine asked me one day. Starting that conversation is probably the most challenging aspect of getting back together but it’s imperative if you want the relationship to last.

Be honest. You know that a relationship requires two people to work and two people to end. How did you fail your boyfriend? What did he do to hurt you? Both of you should be open and willing to participate in this discussion. If either of you holds back, chances are that you’ll run in serious problems after getting back together.


Make Him Miss You
Looking for tips on getting your ex boyfriend back? The best thing you can do is make him miss you.

How to get your ex boyfriend to miss you and want you back? The two of you have history together. Remind him of the nice things you shared in the past and show him how well you know him. Remember how you used to finish each other’s sentences? Remember how you prepared his favorite meal the night he felt like eating that? Use this information to build the positive emotions and to make him desire you once again.

You can remind him of those moments in the innocent conversations you have after the breakup. Light the fire and give him some time. He’ll probably respond in the exact way you were hoping him to.


How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back if He has a New Girlfriend
You might be thinking “I have had other boyfriends but I can’t get over him. I want him back really badly. He broke up with me over something we could have fixed! I promised myself that I would never want him back but I do. I really want him back.” So many girls have been there, wondering about what to do, waiting and hoping. As time passes, however, he’s likely to move on.

Have you just learned that he’s got a new girlfriend? The news can be devastating but you can still act and get him back.

Chances are that he’s having a rebound relationship. It’s not easy to start dating someone new after you’ve spent years with a significant other. Is he comfortable in that new relationship and does he have strong feelings for her? Try to obtain this information before doing anything else about it.

Next, you’ll need to have an honest conversation with him. Has he really moved on? Does he have feelings about you? Prepare yourself for a worst-case scenario (that is, he has discovered new love). If this is not the case, however, it’s entirely up to you to tell him how you feel and ask for a second chance.


Learning how to get your ex boyfriend back isn’t always easy. What works for one girl may fail producing results for somebody else. You must first get all of the information needed to make it happen. Then when you know exactly what to say and do, be honest, be confident and let him know how you feel. Chances are that he wants you back, as well.


If you still love your ex, and you don’t do something about it soon, then sooner or later he’ll meet someone else.

Maybe he already has met someone else, but does he really love her?

To see if he’d ever have you back, watch the “Can you win him back? 3 ways to tell if it’s possible video below:


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