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March 23, 2009

How to get your ex back

The word “breakup” sends out shivers down my back. If you too have been through a breakup want to know how to get your ex back, then here are some practical suggestions for getting back together after a breakup.


Opening moves – 1st steps…


1. The Recovery Phase

If the break up is still fresh, I suggest that you cease all communication with your ex for a while. Provide time out to yourself, in addition to your ex, to recover and to think about why the separation happened in the first place. Also, when the breakup is brand-new, there is a possibility that your ex does not even feel like even thinking about you due to the fact that he/she might be feeling fragile. So, pause from each other for about 2 to 3 weeks. It could be that during this break, your partner misses you the same way that you do, so it will certainly be much easier to get back together after such a break.

After giving it a little time, if you still want to get back with your ex, make sure that you remember him or her on any special events that occur soon after, such as their birthday, or wish them luck for some new assignment that they might be commencing at college or work. Remember that every small detail of your ex’s life, no matter irrelevant you think it is, is still extremely important for them. Men and women like it when individuals fuss over them, so your ex will actually appreciate your thinking of them.

2. Occupy Your Time

A good way to do this is use the time to Become A Better You.

Separation is the time when you must work on your strengths and try to enhance them in every part of life, be it personal or at work, school or college. Everyone wants to be associated with reliable, effective and good natured individuals, which includes your ex.


3. Examine the Circumstances That Led To The Loss Of Attraction

First you have to be extremely clear about whether you really desire to get back together with your ex. If you still feel that you miss your ex and want them back, then work on the wrongs that you may have knowingly or automatically done that led to the breakup. Think about all your bad habits, particularly the ones which irritated your ex.


4. Reopen Communication-The “Rekindling Phase”

After you have allowed about a month for your ex to miss you and you have done the self improvement suggested in STEP 2 and you are properly prepared and know exactly what to say and do (I’ll show you how to get help with that shortly), then and only then, arrange a low-key meeting for just a coffee or a drink somewhere as neutral as you can. Do not talk anything major, such as getting back together, just how much you miss them, or that you are trying to find a committed relationship. Such topics are poison! (A suggestion for the girls: do not point out anything even remotely related to relationships, as the majority of men have commitment fears and such a talk might frighten them away.)

Also, dress up for the meet up. Wear something your partner liked or even better, that they gave you as a gift. Share jokes, pull each other’s legs, and be flirtatious; essentially by your actions and demeanor just remind your ex just how enjoyable you are to be with.

5. Re-Attraction

When you are pals again, and are pretty much speaking to each other on the phone everyday, e-mailing routinely, and meeting once a week, ask your ex out on a proper real date. If you are a female, wait for the man to ask you out, since if he wishes to be in a relationship with you once more, he will take the effort. Guys, you will certainly need to take the step yourself and ask the lady out. If your ex has again started feeling the same way about you, she will certainly accept going out on a real date with you again.

For example: a couple of weeks after you have resumed communication with them, when you feel that you have actually ended up being friendly again, ask your ex for a casual date, like choosing a movie or heading out to see a football match. Suggest something that he/she likes, and also discuss that it is just a date between two individuals who are close friends and who both care a great deal about each other. There are possibilities that you 2 can get back together if they accept going out with you.

Nevertheless, if your partner’s response is “NO”, I think you must make some other plans for a love life minus you ex, so Don’t let that happen. Make sure your ex’s answer is “YES”  to getting back with you.

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