Get Back Together With Ex Don’t Write Off the Relationship Just Because She Dumped You

February 11, 2010

Do you want to know how to get back together with your ex girlfriend ?

For a start, don’t write off the relationship just because she dumped you.

Women are fickle creatures. In Three of four break ups, it will be the woman who calls it off. But, more often than not they’re open to re-establishing the relationship. Breaking up might not have been a rightly thought out decision, however they are loathe to confess they’re wrong and come back to you themselves.

Part of your job is to determine what went wrong and change it. If she was bored in the relationship, you need to spice things up. If she was seeking a flashier guy, a makeover may very well be in order. And, in the event you were too clingy, chances are you’ll just need to back off for a time.

Right now, in the event that you want to get back together with ex, you have to show her that you’re exactly the type of guy she’d like to date.

One of several ways to get back together with ex could be to show her that you’re an sought after kind of guy. Every girl says she’d like to be unique. They search for “unique” styles. However , you will quickly notice that what they really would like is a “unique” look that’s exactly like all of their friends’ looks.

So, to turn into the in-demand guy, you have to start dating in-demand girls. As a matter of fact, dating her close friends will definitely make her want to get back together with you.

In case you are uncomfortable dating people who might continue being in your life once you get back together with your ex, you can at least flirt with them. Whenever you see your ex with a pack of her friends, don’t pay any attention to her. Instead, lavish attention on her friends. If she has a particularly plain friend, spend the most time with her. That’s one of the ways to get back together with ex.

Evaluate how she reacts to you when other guys are around. When someone puts you down, does she stand up for you? That’s a good sign that she is still into you and will welcome you back into her life.

When you want to get back together with ex, it is advisable to realize that there is a new power relationship at play. You no longer belong to one another exclusively. Rather, you are 2 independent spheres rotating around the other.

Many guys don’t understand that this power shift has occurred. While they are down in the dumps about the break up, they don’t change their old behavior patterns toward their ex. This is a huge mistake.

When you desire to get back together with ex, you’ll take advantage of the shift in power. You will woo her by modifying the things that she doesn’t like about you or the relationship, become the in-demand guy that all girls want to date, and be a little bit unavailable to her. If these things don’t work, she probably has moved on and you won’t have much hope of restarting anything.

However, in just about all instances, since women are fickle creatures, you can get back together with ex!


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Hoss McGuire
- 7 Years ago

I want to thank u 4 helping folks as for my self i love my wife but my story is a little different than ones ive read so here goes: I was a very big man my wife an i travled, rode our horses most folks thought we had the best marriage, and at that time we did, I seen a speical on tv about a mini gastric bypass being a big man it caught my intrest, so we went to Vegas an set it up while i was getting ready for surgey my wife got a call that her mother had died being i was already in scrubs she told me to go ahead with the surgey I had a freind that had joined us for the surgey so she went back to her folks PLace, in Colorado I was in NV. Everthing was ghoing ok when she came back it was like a war between her sister an her over what mom had left not much but the war was on. I went home in a few days a few weeks latter i had to go back an have this reversed to stay alive. it crippled me, before long some new folks showed up at our church an i had to go to new mexico to get my sick mom while I was gone to get mom these folks got her to stip my home and move in with them, long story shot mom died I had her taken back to new Mexico and my father I took back for the funeral arangments. We I returned my home was stipped even down to thee wood floors and light switch covers, She now lived with this old Man & his spouse then a court order had been placed against me to go no where near her I was blank I had no Idea what had happened. Then while she was the just a short time his wife died from my understanding getting something like water for insulan. Later I found that while I was in the hosiptal my wife never made our house pmts kept the money so the bank sold my house and i knew nothing about beeing behind on pmts my spouse had the mail changed to a different address while I was sick. So the back sold my home for 212k I paid 600k for, some one got a great buy then i found out it was one of the bankers. All of this done by someone I loved an trusted with my life which she almost took. But I just cant seem to want to throw in the towel. Thanks for listening Good Bless u for helping others

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get a man to propose
- 5 Years ago

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