5 Things I’ve Learned from Women Who ve Dumped Me

October 28, 2009

(A great article from one of my guy friends, Sean. I hope this helps all you guys out there!)

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve been dumped. More than once. More than I’d like to admit, actually. And, while it hurt quite a bit each time, I have to say that I have grown from the experiences. So, here are 5 lessons I’ve learned from women who have dumped me.

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who have Dumped Me #1: It takes two.

Often with the pain and heartbreak of a break up, it is easy to blame the other person for your misery. The truth is if the relationship wasn’t working anymore, you were also part of the problem. Apply these lessons to your next relationship after you evaluate what went wrong.

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who have Dumped Me #2: Give women their personal space.

Women like to cuddle and snuggle. They may seem to always be around. But they need their personal space too. Men have a tendency to be possessive. We want to keep tabs on where they’re going and what they’re doing there. If any woman has ever cheated on you, this instinct becomes stronger. But, trust is a key component in a relationship. It can easily lead to the end of the relationship when you invade her personal space and don’t show trust. She will also be more likely to call you all the time if you do this to her.

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who have Dumped Me #3: You get stronger over time.

You will wake up some mornings and feel the pain from the break up. You will wonder when will it end. The truth is time does heel all pain and patience helps in these situations. As philosopher Frederick Nietzsche said, “that which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.”

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who have Dumped Me #4: It’s okay if it wasn’t meant to be.

It is better to end a relationship that wasn’t meant to be earlier rather than later. Accepting that a relationship wasn’t meant to be is a key factor in healing. If you had started projecting your relationship into the future – considering marriage, thinking about children – and then the woman you were with broke everything off, consider it a blessing.

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who have Dumped Me #5: Good things don’t happen unless you make them happen.

Finally the last lesson to share with you. You often can’t control what happened in a relationship, but you can control how you react to it. Be mature and keep your head high. By doing this I keep happier and good things tend to find me instead of being miserable and missing out on opportunities.

That means getting back on the horse. Go out, meet new women. Have some fun. Eventually, you will find another relationship. And, if you have followed some of this advice about things I’ve learned from women who have dumped me, the relationship will be stronger and better than previous ones.

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