5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

April 5, 2012

Yuck! Going through a break up is the pits! There was a time when the two of you were happy together, but then something happened and now the two of you have split apart. Now you have mixed feelings; one moment you are glad you are rid of your ex and all the hassles of your relationship, and the next moment you are wondering if there are signs your ex wants you back.


It’s perfectly normal to fantasize about the two of you working things out and being a couple again. And who knows? It could happen. However, you don’t want to start trying to get your ex back if they have no interest in doing the same thing, right? That’s a good point. What follows are some signs your ex wants you back.


1. They aren’t very nice to you. Even if they seem to want to do nothing but argue, there is always a chance of working things out when the lines of communication are open. Perhaps your ex is afraid that you aren’t interested in getting back together, but yet they still want to talk to you. So, they argue in an attempt to cover up their true motives.


2. They won’t leave you alone. Does it always seem like your ex is “accidentally” bumping into you at the store or other places? Are they calling, texting or sending you e-mail? All of these things show that they want to be around you and are sure signs that your ex wants you back. Of course, if they are actually stalking you, then that has to stop. Other than that, their being around you is a positive sign.


3. They want to do some catching up. If they want to hear what you’ve been up to then it shows that they still care for you on some level. There is a chance that they may not want to get back together, but as long as they are being friendly and want to know how you are, there is a chance of eventually working things out between the two of you.


4. They buy you gifts. Some people show their feelings by buying gifts for the people they care for. Not only that, who would buy gifts for somebody they have no obligation to or no longer care for?


5. They flat out tell you. Well, it would be hard to get a stronger signal than that. While you may be excited by the idea of getting back together, you should proceed with some caution. There will be a lot of things the two of you need to work out, and that’s going to take some time. But, if your ex says they want you back, then go for it!


These are some of the best signs your ex wants you back. However, even if they don’t show any of those signs, there is still a chance they want to work things out. Pay attention the things your ex does and says, and look for any hints that they still have feelings for you.


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