10 Do’s & Don’ts To Help You Get Your Ex Back

August 15, 2013

10 Do’s & Don’ts To Help You Get Your Ex Back: Do you want to know what to do to get your ex back?

How To Get Your Ex Back …Using Indirect Persuasion Psychology

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If you want to get your ex back, then you should only use sound psychological principles rather than relying on guesswork and untested, unproven methods.

This is your ex afterall …and no doubt you love them.

Getting them back means everything.

So in this article, I want to go through with you how to make use of an area of persuasion psychology that comes with a high suceess rate in getting peoples exs back after a breakup.


Tell me more…

Of course, by “persuading” your ex to come back to you, I do not mean attempting to persuade your ex to get back together with you by resorting to desperate measures such as begging.

Begging and acting out of desperation only makes you appear clingy and unattractive to your ex, so you should avoid this kind of behavior at all costs.



Because even if you did get back together with them doing this, they would only be getting back with you out of pity. And this would not be a solid foundation on which to rebuild the relationship. More than likely, you’d be facing another breakup within a few short months.

And I’m guessing you want to get your ex back permanently …Right? (and not just for a few months).


So, what do I need to do?

What you need to do is indirectly convince your ex to come back to you. The key word here is “indirectly”.

Why indirectly?

Because simply telling your ex that you will change and things will be different from now on, just does not work. When you directly try to convince someone of something, their evaluation barriers go up. This makes it harder to convince them because they will be evaluating every thing you are saying.


However, when you try to convince someone INDIRECTLY of something, their evaluation barriers are down. This makes it significantly easier to convince them of the idea you are trying to win them over to.

How do I indirectly convince my ex to get back with me?

Here are a few tips:

  • Show, don’t tell: Directly telling your ex what you plan to do in order to change yourself and become a better person for them will achieve nothing. Instead, you need to actually prove your intent to your ex with your actions. Show them that you really want to change by making an earnest effort to improve yourself instead of just directly telling them.
  • Be committed: When you make an effort to change, it must be a consistent and continuous effort. If you treat the attempt as just a one-time deal in an attempt to attract your ex and make them want to come back to you, this strategy will simply backfire and the relationship will never really work out in the long run.
  • Dispel their beliefs about you: Your ex probably has some preconceived negative notions about you and they believe that you could never change your ways. If you want to get back together with them therefore, you need to show them that you can get rid of any bad habits you might have and that you can change for the better. They basically need to see some actual visible changes in your personality – especially the parts of your personality that he despises.

Don’t mistake of trying to talk your ex into getting back with you. Instead, SHOW them why they were wrong to dump you and in this way allow them to convince themselves into getting back together with you.


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