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Hi, I’m Nicky,

Some people are “Heart-breakers”, but I am Nicky the “Heart-mender” –  because breakups are devastating which is why I put together this site about relationship breakups and ways to get your ex back .


If you have broken up recently chances are that you’re feeling pretty lonely, confused and even angered by the outcome, especially if you didn’t expect it.
You might also be worried that you will never find anyone else or if you do get a new boyfriend or girlfriend they will not be as good as your ex was.
Probably all you can think about is getting back together and how much you miss them because you can’t imagine life without him or her.

 getting back together with your ex

Wondering how to get your ex back or how to stop your divorce? Can’t stop thinking “What does it take to get my ex back? “How can I know if there’s any possibility of us getting back together?”.If that is you, the following tips and suggestions will come in handy:


Give Yourself a Bit of Time and Space

If you are a girl think it through before doing anything. Allow the initial emotions to subside. The days, even months after a breakup can be a truly confusing period. You probably lack clarity about your own emotions. You feel betrayed, you feel lonely and desperate. If you act during such a moment of weakness, chances are that you’ll regret your decisions in the future.


If you are a guy you need a clear head and sound judgment to get your ex back as well. Giving yourself a bit of time and space is the first step towards a healthy relationship decision. It’s possible that your ex needs some space, as well. Maybe the person that you love will decide that they need you bad. Maybe a temporary separation will be a good thing for your relationship.


For both girls and guys during this period, it’s important to avoid all channels of communication with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. There should be no calling, texting, Facebook messaging,  seeing each other, chatting or accidental meetings. You’ll probably regret the things you tell your ex during such communication, so it’s best to isolate yourself until you feel emotionally ready to act.


The First Steps

Start by figuring out what went wrong the first time. If you are a guy and want to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back, you’ll need to have a really good idea about the strengths and the weaknesses of the relationship that you had.


Don’t blame yourself for the end – accept your responsibility. Both of you played a part in the breakup. If you’re open to communication and acknowledging the ways you’ve hurt each other in the past, chances are that you’ll have a future together.


The easiest and the best thing that you can do is sit down and have an honest communication. Be direct about it and let your ex know that you still have feelings. Chances are that they haven’t been capable of moving along, as well. If you’re willing enough to accept responsibility for the mistakes you’ve made, chances are that you’ll get a second opportunity to make things right.


Girls, if you want to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back there’s one critical mistake that you need to avoid – reliance on the pity strategy.

 Don’t Use the “Pity” Strategy.  

This is the most certain road to failure that you can pick.

The pity strategy involves a lot of begging, a sad story and guilt tripping your ex into the relationship once again. Relying on this strategy will lead to a second breakup sooner or later. The pity approach doesn’t involve any positive communication or acknowledgment of destructive patterns of behavior. In its essence, this technique is pure emotional blackmail.


Getting back together and building a healthy relationship necessitates active involvement on behalf of both parties involved. Begging will make you look weak. If your ex comes back, chances are that they’ll be doing so out of pity, rather than out of love.


Advice On Getting Your Ex Back after They have Moved On

For both girls and guys knowing how to get ex back when they have moved along will be more problematic and nerve-wracking. The feeling of loneliness and isolation is probably going to hit you hard in the very beginning. The fact that your ex is dating, however, is in no way indicative of the story’s end.


Does your ex have a new girlfriend or boyfriend? This turn of events complicates the situation. You still have a chance of making it happen but at this point, you need to be 100 percent confident that you want to proceed with trying to get back together.


Be convincing, friendly and honest about your motivation. Remind your ex of the history that you have and the great times that you enjoyed together. The person you love is still in the early phases of a new relationship. They haven’t moved on completely, which means you still have a chance of establishing an emotional connection.


You know this person well and you know how to communicate. If you made a big mistake, do your best to improve your behavior and deal with the thing that pushed your loved one away. If you’re willing to invest time and effort in making the relationship work, you will probably get that opportunity you’re looking for.


How to Know that Your Ex Wants You Back

Emotional intelligence is so important for improving your communication and lighting the spark once again. Learn to read the signs of the other person if you want to learn how to get ex back. These indications will help you figure out whether your ex wants YOU back or not.


Is your ex willing to talk about what went wrong in the relationship? If so, they have been analyzing the situation and thinking about ways to make things better.

Is your ex refraining from dating other people? That’s another positive sign, as well.


There are several other signs that your ex wants you back. Do you talk frequently and has your communication improved significantly since the breakup? Are you getting awkward calls in the middle of the night? Are you experiencing warm and friendly moments together? You still have a chance and if you want to get back together, you will need to do something about it.


You’ll have to be very committed, open and honest if you want to learn how to get ex back. Relationships are complicated. Sometimes, you will need time to heal the wounds and find ways to communicate with each other once again. Things will happen rather fast in other situations. There is no universal formula. Think about your mistakes and think about making each other happy. If the love is still there, chances are that you’ll succeed.


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